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Innovation is based on an intimate understanding of the technology and product offerings that can generate revenue. By facilitating discussions with technology staff, we help identify product enhancements and generate inventions for timely patent filing. 



We provide patent analysis services such as responding to assertions or developing claim charts that align with your business objectives.



"I've been sued for patent infringement, now what?" We oversee patent disputes using world class firms, while helping you steer clear of unnecessary services and sticker shock.

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Wielding the top patent prosecution firm in Canada, and using skilled writers and agents, we make sure your invention has its best shot of becoming a valuable patent.


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Let's look at your patent portfolio in detail. Which patents strengthen your company's market position and which IP assets protect your technology roadmap? 




Patents can create monetization possibilities including valuable lines of revenue through licensing. Planetary IP is your patent enforcement specialist with battle-ready techniques to generate cash flow from your IP assets. 

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Working with your R&D and accounting teams, we can help identify potential corporate SR&ED tax credits through the technical analysis and categorization of qualifying R&D expenses. 

We work with an extensive list of seasoned technical writers, editors, and translators who deliver the finest information products in the business. In addition, we can advise on best-in-class tools and processes for agile development.

...exceptional support and legal expertise helped us establish a great working relationship with one of our clients. His proactive attitude and dedication towards helping his client on a contract management matter was impressive. I would certainly recommend Logendra to all my clients in future if they intend to leverage his consensus dispute resolution expertise. Looking forward to working with Planetary IP on many more such engagements.

Nikhil Parwal (Adobe)

I worked with Logendra on several patent litigation matters. His ability to organize internal discovery, coordinate IT issues, and otherwise organize personnel to support our patent litigation efforts were all invaluable and helped save the company millions in outside litigation and discovery costs. I could always count on him to deliver results and to show dedication above and far beyond the call of duty.

Dan Anixt (General Counsel)

I worked with Logendra on a very contentious patent litigation matter that involved highly sensitive information, difficult deadlines, and complex issues. He was our primary in-house contact and he proved an invaluable asset to the team. It's not an uncommon thought--in later matters with other parties--that if Logendra were involved things would move more smoothly.

Kfir Levy (Partner at Mayer Brown)


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Logendra Naidoo for Patsnap

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